"Scent with a Purpose"


Artisan Home & Bath Essentials 

Here at The Therapist Candles, we challenged ourselves to create a better brand of products that are suitable for all environments, yet deliver a psychological benefit to harmonize the body, mind and the spirit. 

The Aromatherapy benefit of our products are designed to invigorate, uplift and improve the body’s natural response against ailments. Using 100% pure essential oils and high quality cosmetic grade fragrances, creates a therapeutic environment easing anxiety and boosting an overall well-being. Upon exposure to our custom blended scents, the smell receptors send messages to the brain affecting mood, easing pain and creating tranquility.

The pure essential oils used in our products are backed by many scientific studies on healing potentials and can revive any environment or worn soul. Soy used in our candles is sourced from the United States therefore supporting local farmers, is a renewable product, biodegradable and is environment friendly. Each candle burns longer and cooler than most paraffin waxes, therefore elongating a candle experience. Also, soy waxes produce minimal black soot and toxins unlike other paraffin based waxes.

The most therapeutic all-natural bath salts from around the world have been expertly selected and hand blended in small batches at our studio to ensure supremacy. From the Dead Sea in Israel to salt mined from high in the Himalayas, you will find the best bath salts in the world showcased and perfectly blended with luxurious oils, herbs and flower petals. Combined, they create a detoxifying and relaxing bathwater that may ease every day stress, body aches and produce ambiance.

Here at the Therapist Candles studio, we thrive to be Eco-friendly therefore source our containers and packaging to be of recycled and recyclable materials.

Lastly, Our products are hand made here in the US, in small batches, ensuring the up-most quality and preciseness. We hope that you love our products as much as we love making them.